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Let That Shit Go 1oz Vibe Spray

Let That Shit Go 1oz Vibe Spray


Like the big 2oz version, but smaller!

SCENT PROFILE: Bay and Cedar. Herbaceous, green, woodsy, cedar

DIRECTIONS: Liberally spritz around your space. Focus on releasing whatever is just not serving you at the moment. Spray the bathroom before you slip into a luxurious bubble bath. Light some candles. Take it all in.

COMMON SENSE DERP: For room use only

INGREDIENTS: Water, alcohol, proprietary essential oil blend

Only 2 left in stock

    Déjà vu Foundry

    Austin, Texas

    Est. 2016

    Our hand-blended scent magic uses the finest ingredients: essential oils, resins, absolutes, perfume-grade fragrance and of course, love. We created these room sprays to delicately enhance your space, not overpower it with if big, bold, in-your-face scent is your jam, our creations may not be for you. Our room sprays are completely blended by hand using classic perfuming techniques and the highest quality fragrances, we never use pre-mixed blends.

    Social Good

    Small Batch

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    Women Owned


    Eco Friendly

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