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Product information provided by Wandering Fox Apothecary has been gathered from various sources for informational purposes only. Our products are not intended to, nor claim to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any medical condition and are not a substitute or alternative for information provided by health and/or medical professionals and practitioners. All products are for external use only unless otherwise stated. By purchasing our products you accept all risk and agree to use as directed and for intended use only. Wandering Fox Apothecary LLC, by StarrfireSeven accepts no liability for the misuse of any products offered on our site. As the purchaser, it is your responsibility to consult with a medical professional before using any product that may interact with medications or cause complications due to a medical condition.  

Each product description on our website includes a complete list of ingredients. Those with sensitivities to any listed ingredient should not use the product without consulting a medical professional. By purchasing our products you recognize and accept that some natural ingredients such as essential oils, can cause irritation and skin rashes in some individuals. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if needed. *Essential Oil products are not recommended for children, animals or while pregnant or nursing without the advice of a medical professional. Wandering Fox Apothecary LLC by StarrfireSeven is not responsible for any individual reaction to any ingredients in products listed and sold by Wandering Fox Apothecary LLC and its affiliates.   

*Product statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. *Due to fluctuating market costs of raw materials, prices are subject to change without notice.

All bath & body products bearing the Wandering Fox Apothecary logo 0r by StarrfireSeven are handled and packaged in a clean, disinfected environment and contain the appropriate preservatives as recommended based on product type. Despite our best efforts, due to the nature of these products they are susceptible to contamination. Any product found to be contaminated should be discarded immediately and a full refund, to include shipping & handling will be initiated or you may request a new item at no charge. Items that do not bear our logo will also be refunded or exchanged but we make no claims regarding the manufacturing, production, handling or packaging processes of these items.

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