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Tallow Lotion Bar

Tallow Lotion Bar


**MELT WARNING** Product designed to melt at body temperature and may melt in transit during warmer months or in warmer climates. Purchase AT YOUR OWN RISK. See RETURN, REFUND AND EXCHANGE POLICY**


Tallow has been used by our ancestors for generations due to its closeness to our own skin and sebum. Tallow is naturally rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and helps nourish and feed your delicate cells to prevent water loss, aging, irritation and overall skin damage. Our solid tallow lotion bar acts an excellent emollient and will help protect your skin from drying out - even after washing multiple times throughout the day. We've ethically sourced our tallow and beeswax from local farmers in our area who value quality and sustainability. This bar is all natural, unscented and great for sensitive skin. Ingredients: Grass fed Tallow, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Calendula, Organic Olive Oil and local Beeswax. Each bar is handcrafted and packaged in 2oz gold tins. Be mindful that the bars might contain blemishes and imperfections due to the molding and packaging process.


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    Based in Oakville, Washington

    Wild Women Herbs is a small family business that specializes in bioregional plant-based wellness, natural self-care and wildcrafting education. We believe that everybody has the inherent ability to care for themselves through the seasonal magic Mother Nature offers and our passion is sharing these gifts through our bioregional herbal offerings and wildcrafting workshops. We make all of our offerings in small batches that utilize pure, all natural and organic ingredients that are ethically sourced, locally wildcrafted or personally homegrown.

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