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Mugwort + Palo Santo Ritual Bundle

Mugwort + Palo Santo Ritual Bundle


Our Mugwort and Palo Santo Ritual Bundles are crafted in-house with ceremony and intention, featuring sustainably sourced Mugwort and Palo Santo, hand wrapped with a crystal and our proprietary 4 Directions herb blend. Use the energetic properties of mugwort to set a space for ritual, and the palo santo for blessings afterwards. Energies are amplified with the accompanying stone and our herbal blend calls in the energies of the four directions.

Smells divine to use as incense. Makes a beautiful gift as well.

Each bundle can vary naturally but measure approximately 4-6″.

**Please note: you will receive similar looking bundles but crystals and string color may vary. We generally use citrine, clear quartz, and amethyst crystals.

0.1 lb

Made in United States of America

Only 5 left in stock

    Wheat Ridge, Colorado

    Ritualcravt was born online in early 2015, and as of Samhain 2015 we became a brick and mortar shop as well. We strive to serve the community by bringing handcrafted, ethically sourced provisions to assist in the spiritual processes. We create offerings from our apothecary, with our hands, in ceremony to bring to your clientele locally.

    Small Batch


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    Women Owned


    Eco Friendly

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